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How To Check A Licensed Mover

When it comes to moving out of state, the procedure differs than when you are moving within your state. Your local moving company would only be able to take you so far and then another moving company may have to pick up the slack and take your items to its final destination.

The reason why most moving companies are unable to move you from your state to a next is because they do not have the license to do so. Even if there is a company that agrees to move you out of state, it would be wise to check their license with the federal government.

Proof of a company's license can be obtained with a Department of Transportation number which is also called a DOT number. DOT numbers can be easily retrieved from your chosen moving company representative or from some paperwork that they may have provided you with. When you have obtained this number you can log on to the government's transportation website at By entering the number you are able to get information about the moving company's license.

DOT numbers are required for moving whether the company is moving within the state or out of state. Some of the states that one would have to provide a DOT number when moving include Alabama, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, New York and Ohio to name a few.

Another way to verify that your hired company is legitimate you should also check to see if they have the correct operating authority that is required for moving. What this means is that the operating authority would tell you if the movers are licensed to move household items, hardware materials, etc. The operating authority would also specify the areas in which the company is able to operate in.