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Upper Monroe - Rochester, NY


The area known as Upper Monroe in southeast Rochester is centered around Monroe Avenue and represents one of the best examples of a “village” atmosphere in city living. The neighborhood has a funky, eclectic feel where you’ll find young people with colored hair and skateboards, maybe even a few Mohawks. In the Meigs-to-Oxford streets area, especially, are a number of boutiques like Aaron’s Alley and shops such as Poster Art, mixed with vibrant, low-key bars, diners, national chains such as Rite Aid and Advance Auto Parts, and some more upscale restaurants. The former Genesee Hospital, near Alexander Street, has been converted to a complex called Alexander Park.

Who Lives Here

Younger people live in many of the large homes that have been divided into rentals. Artists and musicians, many young families, as well as longer-established types, call Upper Monroe home.


Shops, restaurants, diners and bars are all over this neighborhood. There’s a small, family-type grocery, and national pharmacies such as Rite Aid. You’ll find salons and a barber shop, a rental place, a shoe repair and other kinds of services and stores. Cobbs Hill Park is an easy walk.

Recreation & Entertainment

Bars and restaurants are abundant in the area. Strollers love to check out the eclectic shops and boutiques along Monroe. Cobbs Hill Park is the place to go for outdoor activities. It’s also just a short walk to Park Avenue and the annual Park Avenue Festival.

Transportation & Traffic

Interstate 490 is easily accessible from many of the major thoroughfares, such as Goodman Street, Monroe Avenue and Culver Road. Monroe is usually well-traveled and Culver gets crowded during rush hour.

Pros & Cons

Upper Monroe has beautiful, large homes, many of which have been divided into apartments and are popular with the younger crowd. This area is lively, eclectic and fun to stroll

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