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Park Avenue - Rochester, NY


The Park Avenue neighborhood in southeast Rochester is one of the liveliest in the city, popular with young people including many renters of recent-college age. The neighborhood, which stretches from Alexander Street to Culver Road and from Monroe Avenue to East Avenue, has large, well-kept houses, many of which have been converted to rentals. The area is great to stroll, as Park Avenue is lined with independent shops and restaurants and plenty of places to people-watch. The Parkleigh is an eclectic place to shop, and the neighborhood has salons, galleries, banks, convenience stores, drugstores, bakeries and a print-copy shop, among other businesses. Bicycling and roller-blading are popular in the area.

Who Lives Here

The Park Avenue neighborhood is younger, with many artists. Empty-nesters who own homes and recent college graduates who rent apartments live here.


The Park Avenue neighborhood has plenty of restaurants and shops, banks, pharmacies, salons, fast-food places, bars, a small grocery store and, nearby, a Wegmans (at East Avenue and Winton Road). The Wegmans store, the only one remaining in the city, is being torn down and replaced with a larger, more upscale version in 2013. The closest library is on Monroe Avenue, next to Interstate 490. The closest post office is at 130 N. Winton Road.

Recreation & Entertainment

Joggers, bicyclists and in-line skaters are all over this diverse neighborhood. Cobbs Hill Park has baseball diamonds, tennis courts, basketball courts and plenty of room for Frisbee and other activities. The Cobbs Hill Reservoir area is popular with walkers and offers great views of the city. Neighborhood bars and restaurants attract people from all over the region.

Transportation & Traffic

Interstate 490 offers easy east-west traverse and is accessible from many area roads, including Culver Road, Monroe Avenue and Goodman Street. Those are among the major roads in the area, along with East Avenue and Park Avenue.

Pros & Cons

The Park Avenue neighborhood is the model that other local areas frequently cite as a place that they want theirs to resemble, with its easiness to stroll and plethora of independent shops and eateries. The annual Park Avenue Festival is huge, lively and sometimes noisy. Parking and getting around the area during the festival is difficult, but that only lasts during the daytime hours of the weekend festival.

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